Family Office

Why the BBGI Multi-Family Office platform?

Our strenghts

Comprehensive support in steering your wealth

  • A model based on the optimisation of competencies, trust and management of conflicts of interest. We offer flexible partnership and scalable solutions and convenient account set-up and global network of custodian banks.
  • Flexible advisory services tailored to your specific needs
  • Investment tracking solutions monitoring the adequacy between your expectations and the results obtained
  • Unique global risk management approach allowing you to choose your degree of involvement in the management process
  • Management in-house or shared with investment professionals based on proven and documented methodologies

We offer you personalised advice and services covering one or several aspects related to the structure, management, oversight and optimisation of your wealth, depending on your needs. We offer you coherent and fully integrated advice when our remit extends to all of the stages in the process. We can incorporate a large spectrum of assets, including listed securities, unlisted shareholdings, private equity, real estate, art or any other type of asset.

We offer you tailored support at all stages of the overall process of valuation, structuring, management, oversight, investment, and financing of your assets.

Global and integrated view of your assets

Service offering


  • Valuation of businesses, planned investments, private equity
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real assets valuation
  • Comprehensive summary reports by asset class (securities, real estate, unlisted holdings, etc.)


  • Financing solution optimisation thanks to BBGI’s extensive network
  • Financing secured for private and commercial assets, securities or other forms of guarantees

Structuring and governance

  • Analysis of your asset structure
  • Differentiation of commercial and private assets
  • Definition of objectives and needs of beneficiaries and future inheritors
  • Analysis of current governance structure and possible improvements
  • Representation of your interests on the boards of directors of foundations, businesses, trusts, etc.


  • Regular monitoring of banking relationships, payment transactions, billing, various transactions and securities management, etc.
  • Insurance contract management, including real estate
  • Fiscal affairs, tax returns
  • Management of other real assets, yachts, aircraft, etc.
  • Event planning, travel arrangements, etc.
  • Organisation of medical visits in healthcare clinics
  • Oversight of child schooling
  • Administration of non-financial assets, art, automobiles, etc.
  • Administrative management of household staff, drivers, etc.
  • Global management of real estate holdings, preparation of regular status reports (valuation, yield, rental status, renovation or repositioning requirements, financing, etc.

Wealth management

An alternative horizontal model more effective than suboptimal vertical banking models

  • Institutional approach at the service of private clients
  • A unique concept of competency optimisation at all levels (bank deposits, asset management, financing, asset management product selection, etc.)
  • Coherent global view
  • Optimal management of opportunities and risks
  • Best-in-class approach to financial product selection
  • Centralised KYC in terms of establishing banking relationships in numerous jurisdictions
  • Asset manager or independent adviser

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