Institutional investors

" Aware of pension funds concerns, we demonstrate by our management concepts and our performance that we are perfectly aligned with the current thinking of pension funds"

Having worked in the sector since 1985, we have been advising and managing pension fund institutions ever since. We have a vast experience in supporting Pension Fund Boards, managing their assets, setting out investment strategies, monitoring their investments and managing overall risk.


BBGI Group uses the most advanced and efficient techniques and know-how in the sector. Moreover, we do not allow ourselves to be influenced by passing crazes; instead, we employ a pragmatic approach, which is proven to work and founded on wide-reaching knowledge of financial mechanisms and the inner workings of the banking system, in order to better meet the exclusive needs of our clients.

Our proven and active investment strategy provides effective solutions regarding both performance and risk management, regardless of the conditions in the financial markets or the real economy.

Our investment processes for diversified management, as for other management concepts, are rigorous and strictly disciplined. Trajectory control is a key element that must always guarantee precise knowledge and control of our active management decisions. The rigor of the investment process covers risk analysis as a priority and the necessary freedom (within certain prescribed parameters) for active decision-making.

  • Above average performance
  • Systematic risk management
  • Selected investment funds as a source of added-value

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