Category: Investment flash

29 Mar

The Swiss franc is still in shock

The banking crisis of the last few days has had a major impact on the financial stability of Switzerland, which had never imagined to face a major crisis situation such as the one posed by the risk of bankruptcy of the country's second systemic bank. In a few hours (...) Switzerland's financial stability is in [...]
23 Mar

The FED adopts a moderately dovish speech

The US Federal Reserve meeting ended with a 0.25% increase in key rates. This may well mark the end of the monetary tightening cycle that began twelve months ago, despite the door being left open to further possible increases by (...) Markets still betting on rate cuts in 2023 Discover our Investment Flash down below: [...]
17 Mar

The bankruptcy of the SVB will push the FED to capitulate

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank has already pushed the American authorities and the Fed to act very quickly to avoid a panic. The former, through the voice of President Biden, sought to reassure by noting that the banking system was solid, while (...) Monetary conditions will need to be eased Discover our Investment [...]
09 Mar

SNB rate hikes are expected

The Swiss market is no exception to the recent correlation between capital markets. In spite of different economic cycles and different monetary policies, the less favorable than expected development of inflation in most countries has rekindled uncertainties in (...) CHF bond yields are attractive again Discover our Investment Flash down below: Read more To make [...]
01 Mar

CPI to benefit from falling U.S. rents

New rents in the United States fell by -3.5% in January from their peak in August 2022. This is now the first consecutive six-month decline in five years. After having largely benefited from a rise in demand following the pandemic (...) Positive impact on U.S. interest rates: buy bonds Discover our Investment Flash down below: [...]
22 Feb

The end of European outperformance

European equities have benefited greatly from the marked improvement in the stock market climate in recent months. With an increase of 11.5% (in CHF) in 2023, they often outperform other regional indices (S&P500 +6.2%, Japan +2.3%, China +7.3%). Since the beginning of the stock market recovery (...) Arbitrage on US stocks and emerging markets Discover [...]
15 Feb

Rising crude oil and gas prices in prospect

U.S. strategic reserves will decline further in the near term. President Biden's decision to release an additional 26 million barrels in the coming months will further reduce the level of reserves below 350 million barrels in an unstated goal (...) World crude oil demand above 100 Mbpd in 2023 Discover our Investment Flash down below: [...]
09 Feb

Investors still underexposed in equities

The rise in financial assets in January came at a time when most investors still seemed cautious and underweight in equities. Despite the change in the inflation trend and the decline in bond yields many (...) The return of FOMO could support an upcoming bullish recovery Discover our Investment Flash down below: Read more To [...]
01 Feb

Cyclical consumption catching up in the USA

The consumer cyclical sector was particularly affected in 2022 by investor fears that consumers would cut back on non-essential spending in the face of rising inflation and declining purchasing power. Fears of a (...) Adjustment to less pessimistic economic outlook Discover our Investment Flash down below: Read more To make sure you don't miss any [...]
30 Jan

Style rotation time : Growth or Value ?

At the beginning of the results publication's season for US companies, it is already interesting to note that most companies have announced results in line with or above expectations, which have been reduced for some time. (...) This is once again the time to favor growth stocks Discover our Investment Flash down below: Read more [...]