Sustainable development

How can we ensure economic development here and now without neglecting sustainable development or compromising the economic development of future generations?

BBGI Group’s commitment to sustainable finance and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) began back in 1997, when the associate partners developed the first Swiss SRI investment vehicle within one of the largest private banks in Geneva.

A long standing commitment

Our business culture is based on respecting those basic principles, which are clearly embodied and shared by the company’s employees. These principles have carved out our strong identity and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to focusing on long-term development strategies. We believe in sustainability, both in terms of investment strategy and the desire to create responsible and sustainable partnerships with our clients and partners. As a responsible player, BBGI Group is particularly attentive to its reputation and we align our interests with those of our clients; building lasting relationships based on trust is the hallmark of a sustainable business. As such, BBGI Group has carved out its place as an entity which has always been committed to the principles of sustainable development in environmental, social and corporate governance terms, and as a business which actively participates in developing global awareness of the importance of these issues both economically and socially.

We firmly believe that greater involvement of financial players in this movement can only help in promoting sustainable economic growth as the world population now exceeds 7 billion.

Our Values

Human resources

Sustainable development is also about managing human resources- often considered to be a company’s greatest capital. This is naturally the case with BBGI Group, whose performance depends on the quality of its human resources. Our employees’ motivation and commitment to their work within our company is extremely important for us, especially when they are in contact with our clients

BBGI Group also promotes passing on skills, experience and motivation within the company by forming teams focusing on intergenerational exchange. That is why we strive to develop management techniques that combine communication, and sharing expertise, vision, creativity and commitment in order to inspire our employees and offer them challenging projects in which they can excel and attain excellence for their own satisfaction and that of our clients.