About us

Since 2002, we have been advising institutional and private investors on how to plan, implement and monitor their investments, with solutions tailored to constant change and a unique vision of the financial markets. Our management philosophy is reflected in our logo: the bear and the bull, which symbolize the constant adaptation to different market phases and financial cycles.
The Group is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is also a member of numerous financial associations, including the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

Institutional wealth management

Having worked in the sector since 1985, we have been advising and managing pension fund institutions ever since. We have a vast experience in supporting Pension Fund Boards, managing their assets, setting out investment strategies, monitoring their investments and managing overall risk.

Private wealth management

We are unique in marrying institutional expertise with private asset management. Our management processes and the meticulous way in which we build an asset portfolio, alongside risk management and control techniques, greatly increase our clients’ trust in us.

Weekly analysis

Investment strategy

Every quarter, BBGI Group publishes its investment strategy for the coming quarter. This comprehensive document brings together our economic outlook, our core beliefs, and our various investment strategies for diversified or specialized investments.

Global financial research and analysis

Our team of analysts is responsible for providing our managers and advisors with bang-up-to-date market analysis and information. Indeed, financial research and analysis is carried out on a macroeconomic level to enable us to fully understand all global economic mechanisms and as such provide maximum performance and security in the allocation.

Sector/security research

The BBGI Group research team focuses on sector-specific or regional securities in order to obtain and offer a list of securities that meet unparalleled quality criteria. All of these securities are listed in our databases, which can then be easily consulted in order to build portfolios. These measures then allow us to better understand the financial climate, and thus minimize as far as possible the risks incurred by certain asset classes.