“Best-in-class” Selection

Our "Best-in-class" approach

Choosing for you the best products in every category

As independent managers, we choose the best products for our customers.

Our horizontal organization allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in the management of a portfolio by a bank.

Our independence at the service of your performance

Our independence from the financial products we choose for our clients is one of our greatest sources of added value.

Several BBGI Group management approaches use collective investment vehicles. Depending on the approach under consideration, and our clients’ management constraints, we use active or indexed collective investment vehicles to apply our investment policy.

The investment vehicles used have been meticulously selected and have the required characteristics in terms of negotiability, cost transparency and clarity as regards to the implemented management approach.

We have a selection of third party funds and a systematically analyzed set of benchmarks. For the most part, these funds are Luxembourgish SICAVs and funds under Swiss law, often listed, the behavior of which on the stock market over the last few years has made them a particularly interesting investment instrument.

Our product selection process is based on a "best in class" strategy, which aims to choose the best products from the market and which are best suited to the investment philosophy of our clients, without conflicts of interest.

We pay special attention to the following quantitative and qualitative criteria:

  • Analysis of the risk-return ratio
  • Transparency and proximity to investment fund managers
  • Relevance of long-term performance

From an initial investment universe of 250,000 funds, BBGI Group selects a smaller tracking universe (3,900 funds).

From this universe, a “short list” of around a hundred products is determined and reviewed weekly in order to ensure a thorough and rigorous trajectory control of the selected products.