Private clients

BBGI GROUP, your "One-stop shop"

BBGI Group distinguishes itself by optimizing the functions between wealth/asset management and custodian bank, by offering Family Office services and by providing its expertise in institutional management to serve its private clients.

Geneva: the capital of private wealth management

For centuries, Switzerland has been rightly held up as a benchmark for political and monetary stability. Naturally, Switzerland also became a by-word for caution and competence in terms of wealth management. Based in Geneva, our group’s mission has always been to offer our clients management concepts that stand out from the crowd due to their long-term performance levels and in which the concept of capital preservation is firmly rooted. Our aim is to concentrate solely on wealth management in order to achieve excellence while remaining true to our philosophy and founding principles by retaining full independence.

Swiss know-how
in wealth management

Swiss know-how and discretion

Swiss banking secrecy has always first and foremost aimed to protect clients from any interference in their private affairs. Notwithstanding, due diligence requirements under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) are among the most strict in the world. This combination of stringency and discretion has moulded the Swiss financial tradition. BBGI Group is of course subject to all legal requirements and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Markets Regulatory Authority (FINMA).

Optimization of functions

We exclusively focus on discretionary management mandates and investment advisory services, but our clients can also benefit from our legal and fiscal solutions, as well as our real estate solutions in Switzerland and abroad.

Our investment concepts support the use of investment funds for certain asset classes, which allows us to waive the minimum funds requirement before accepting an investment management mandate.

By trusting your investment management mandate to BBGI GROUP, you retain the right to choose your own custodian bank/s.


Obviously, we can also work with the custodian bank/s of your choice or advise which custodian from our network of Swiss and international custodians (25 Swiss and international custodians) best suits your needs.

Our services are offered either on the basis of performance-linked management fees, or on the basis of fixed fees. For this reason, our fees do not include security custody fees, brokerage fees, and various taxes.

This method offers total cost transparency as regards our various activities and also allows us to take advantage of economies of scale in the different areas.

The contribution of institutional expertise

Our marriage of institutional competence and private asset management is unique. Our management processes and meticulous portfolio construction methods, coupled with techniques to control and manage risk, greatly enhance our clients’ trust in us.

Investors seeking to marry the personalized service and confidentiality of their relationship with an institutional approach to managing their assets will find that BBGI Group can offer this service, which is unique across the wealth management world.

Our independence and our structure allow us to offer an effective management approach to preserve and grow our clients’ assets with maximum security. A stable relationship based on mutual trust grows out of managers’ sustained commitment and willingness to listen to the concerns of their clients.

Comprehensive support – Family Office services

Beyond performance and results, our clients can always count on us to solve more personal problems such as domicile, inheritance, administrative queries, day-to-day practical problems related to their stay in our country and much more. BBGI Group accompanies its clients in a comprehensive manner in the management of their assets.