BBGI Indices

Since 1985, BBGI Group partners have been playing an active role in developing performance comparison measures for wealth management and investments. They have made regular contributions to increasing transparency in the sector, developing tools and indices that were welcomed by the financial community and are now widely recognized and used by both investment professionals and private and institutional clients. First of all, they worked on developing the Pictet&Cie LPP Indices in the 1980s, before developing the first BBGI confidence indices targeted at pension funds in 2003.

The tradition of transparency

BBGI Group calculates and publishes today five index families, two of which include multi-asset indices (BBGI Private Banking Indices and BBGI OPP2 Compliant Indices) and three equity indices.

Five index families serving investors

BBGI Private Banking Indices

With the BBGI Private Banking indices, BBGI Group brings new transparency and real performance benchmarking tools to private investors by creating the first Swiss family of performance comparison indices for diversified wealth management across eight asset classes.

BBGI OPP2 Compliant Indices

The BBGI OPP2 Compliant indices are the only diversified indices compliant with OPP2 rules since 1984 in terms of authorized investment sphere and fixed investment limits. They perfectly meet the Pensions Funds requirement of having complete performance comparison indices which are always compliant with current legislation, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their global strategy.

BBGI Clean Energy 100 Indices

The increasing world population and the rapid growth of energy demand reinforces the need to find alternatives to fossil fuels. BBGI Group developed in 2006 the first broadly diversified international equity index covering alternative energy and innovative solutions for investing in sustainable future technologies for the production, transformation and storage of new forms of energy.

BBGI ESG Swiss Equities Indices

The BBGI ESG Swiss Equities indices and dedicated mandates reflect our commitment to a well-performing product offering that is consistent with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns in the Swiss equity segment.

BBGI-oekom Low Carbon Risk Indices

The BBGI-oekom Low Carbon Risk Indices aim to outperform international equities in the long run, by selecting companies that effectively manage their carbon risk and shifting away from market capitalization weighting scheme.