Our services for institutional investors

BBGI Group represents a reliable alternative, offering greater independence, a lack of conflict of interests and an optimal combination of the best expertise available.

Diversified Management

25-years’ experience in building and managing portfolios. Creation of institutional and private management benchmarks. Traditional and innovative management concepts: 0-100% strategy, active asset allocator, 100% best-in-class strategy. Excellent performance history.

Specialized Management

Management of specialized portfolios across all traditional asset classes. Innovative approaches to management and proven sector analysis record. Management of equities and bonds combined with a dynamic approach to allocation and risk management.

Risk Management

Risk management on all or individual assets. Analysis of market, allocation and foreign currency risks. Management options including overlay without disrupting the structure of the portfolio (asset allocation overlay, currency overlay).


Advisory service with no management authority. Asset analysis, allocation modification proposal, cost optimization, partner and performance analysis, risk Dashboard.


Allocation steering of all or individual assets. Investment advice service including the investment manager’s discretion in terms of decision-making. Management responsibilities shared with pension funds.

Proxy voting

Analysis and voting recommendations service, which may include the definition of the procedure to be implemented and the modification of your investment regulations, the delegation of the exercise of the voting right (under conditions) to BBGI Group and the communication to the policyholders.