Real Estate Services

Real Estate is a key component of the diversification process

Long-standing commitment to real estate

Since the LPP (Law on occupational pension schemes) went into effect, we have highlighted the benefits of including direct or indirect real estate investments in pension funds’ investment strategies.

Direct investments and investment funds

Convinced of the advantages of incorporating real estate in the asset management process, we have developed several solutions to implement active real estate investment management in Switzerland and abroad through transparent and tradable real estate investment vehicles.

We also offer our services to investors wishing to carry out direct investments in Switzerland and abroad.

Real estate investment strategy success factors

  • Top-down analysis of the economic cycle, inflation and interest rates
  • Analysis of the underlying real estate markets
  • Geographic allocation
  • Allocation among residential, commercial, industrial and hotel sectors
  • Tactical allocation among the different types of real estate investments
  • Bottom-up analysis of performance, yields, valuation, risk premiums, debt and vacancy rates
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