Proxy voting (ORAb)

Meet the requirements of the ORAb/VegüV with simplicity and efficiency

The federal popular initiative “against excessive executive compensation” was approved on March 3, 2013 by Swiss voters and all of Switzerland’s cantons. This initiative entails a series of new responsibilities for Swiss pension funds. These responsibilities are formalized in the Ordinance against excessive pay in stock exchange listed companies (Ordonnance contre les rémunérations abusives dans les sociétés anonymes cotées en bourse – Minder/VegüV/ORAb).

Beginning January 2015, Swiss pension funds will have to establish a procedure for shareholders to exercise their voting rights for the shares of Swiss listed companies held in their portfolios.

Within this context, BBGI Group offers a support service to help shareholders exercise their voting rights.

Our service includes the analysis and voting recommendations on companies (review of GM agendas, and recommendation for voting on objects subject to mandatory voting as well as optional objects)

Our voting guidelines set a general application framework and principles. These have been majorly inspired by the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance sponsored by the Swiss Business Federation which represents 100,000 limited companies. These companies are all committed to developing optimal conditions for the Swiss economy. They have also been inspired by the « Directive Corporate Governance (DCG) of the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) and generally accepted governance principles (Swiss Association of Pension Fund Providers (ASIP) recommendations, « Guidelines for institutional investors governing the exercise of participation rights in public limited companies », etc.).

Comprehensive support

Definition of the procedure to be implemented and modification of your investment regulations

BBGI Group offers administrative support by accompanying you with the modification of your investment rules.

Delegation of the exercise of voting rights to BBGI Group

Under specific conditions, BBGI Group may offer administrative assistance in the actual exercise of shareholder voting rights.

Reporting to the insured through a report on the exercise of voting rights

Article 23, para. 1 and 2 ORAb also states that “pension funds subject to the LFLP inform their insured at least once a year in a summary report of how they have fulfilled their obligation to vote”.

In this context, BBGI Group provides its clients with a detailed report once a year.

More information is available on the French website