BBGI Private Banking Indices

An index family tailored to your management profile and your reference currency

Aimed at private investors, this family of reference indices gather a family of three diversified benchmark indices, with their allocations for these eight assets reflecting the three different risk and yield levels (low, medium, dynamic).

There are 9 indices divided up by risk profile- low, medium and dynamic- and by client reference currency- CHF, euro and US dollar.

BBGI Private Banking Indices

The three benchmark indices in each reference currency (CHF, USD, EUR) use a similar set up to that used by most Swiss and international banking institutions and are set out as follows:

  • BBGI Group Private Banking Index « low risk »
  • BBGI Group Private Banking Index « medium risk »
  • BBGI Group Private Banking Index « dynamic risk »

A systematic diversified strategy that has produced an annualized return of +6.82% since 1993.

Beginning of the year 2021 in the red for the majority of asset classes

The year 2021 starts slightly negative for the BBGI Private Banking USD indices. Indeed, two of the three indices are below zero performance. The low-risk index falls by -0.65% and the moderate-risk index loses -0.31%. Only the dynamic risk index maintains a positive performance for the third consecutive month (+0.03%) The bond markets start the new year in the red. The US segment continued the decline that began in December and lost -1.05%, while the international segment also went into negative territory (-1.28%) after two consecutive months of rise (+1.57% in November and +1.36% in December). The equity markets delivered a mixed January and for good reason the US segment finally reversed the very strong upward trend that had carried it in the last months of 2020 (-0.96%). As for the international segment, it maintains its upward path (+0.22%) although it shows a loss of momentum […]

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+6.82% annualized performance

BBGI Private Banking

Publication January 2021


The asset classes in our BBGI Group index family can be broken down into two main sectors:

  • Traditional assets (5)
  •  Non-traditional assets (3)

Traditional assets are most commonly found in diversified benchmark indices. They are represented by investments in equities, bonds and real estate in Swiss francs or foreign currencies.

They are the basic investments generally selected to build diversified portfolios, both in terms of type of asset, geographic location, economic sector and currency. Often, they are the most liquid assets, the most transparent, and those that are best understood by investors.

Non-traditional assets bring together investment types that are not generally considered among the primary sources of investment, rather as opportunities to diversify the basic investments. Often they do not correlate with traditional investments and should achieve higher performance levels in the long run, although they are often more risky. The non-traditional assets selected in our indices are commodities, hedge funds and private equity.

Asset classes

  • Swiss Bonds
  • Global Bonds
  • Swiss Equities
  • Global Equities
  • Global Real Estate
  • Commodities
  • Hedge Funds
  • « Private equity »

31.12.1993 - 31.01.2021 Performance

Total return, in %

Annualized return, in %

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BBGIPBL : BBGI Private Banking Low Risk CHF
BBGIPBM : BBGI Private Banking Medium Risk CHF
BBGIPMH : BBGI Private Banking Dynamic Risk CHF

BBGIPBLE : BBGI Private Banking Low Risk EUR
BBGIPBME : BBGI Private Banking Medium Risk EUR
BBGIPBHE : BBGI Private Banking Dynamic Risk EUR

BBGIPBLU : BBGI Private Banking Low Risk USD
BBGIPBMU : BBGI Private Banking Medium Risk USD
BBGIPBHU : BBGI Private Banking Dynamic Risk USD

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